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"An Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" – Benjamin Franklin
Many organizations wait until it is too late to address safety and security issues. Waiting until something goes wrong, not only causes loss, but knee jerk reactions as well. These knee jerk reactions often result in your security program being pieced together and in the end you’re left with a security program that doesn’t function effectively, has little continuity and often costs more; leaving many confused and frustrated, asking themselves what good a security department is.

If the paragraph above sounds like your organization, or current security program, call me and we'll work together to put you on the right path.        

Developing successful, operationally effective and cost efficient security and asset protection programs are predicated upon the information gathered during the security survey and assessment process. These security surveys and assessments identify organizations assets, threats and vulnerabilities, and rectify those issues that lead to risk. Whether you’re a start-up organization that sees the necessity of developing and implementing a security program from the get-go, or an already established firm that needs to comply with regulations, gain greater control or operate more effectively, the security survey and assessment process is a crucial first step. The security survey and assessment process that Jackson Chambers uses includes the following:  

  1. After initially discussing your security needs and concerns we will meet with you and additional stakeholders, giving him an informed sense of your organizations goals, needs, products/ services, company culture and customers whom you serve, while  becoming familiar with the location(s) and area(s) in which your organization operates. This process helps to ensure the cooperation from all stakeholders and employees involved. 
  2. Following the initial meeting the site survey and information gathering process will begin. The information gathered during this phase typically includes but is not limited to:  
  • The review of current policy and procedure manuals and other documents
  • Identification of critical assets, locations, key departments and personnel. 
  • An in-depth look at the property you occupy, along with the buildings and facilities on it.
  • Crime analysis (frequency and type of crime in a given area)
  • A review of loss history.
  • Record reviews and interviews of employees across multiple departments.   
  • A Review and evaluation of current physical security measures and processes.
    (staff, barriers, access control, CCTV, alarms, locks, lighting, signage, training etc.)
It’s important to have a point of contact and remain in touch during this process, as this phase can often reveal certain information not previously known and impact the assessment process.
  1. Once the necessary information gathering and assessments have been conducted, we will review the findings and research any applicable regulations for your industry.
  2. Following the information gathering and research phase we will begin to draft the security assessment that will contain detailed information on the strategies that can be taken to best protect your assets and enhance your organizations security posture. 
  3. Upon completion, the draft report will be submitted to you. Upon your review we will discuss the information in person or via teleconference and gain input from you and other stakeholders.         
  4. Upon completion of this meeting and/or additional input, the final assessment is prepared and if necessary a presentation for you and additional stakeholders.  
After the assessment process is complete and if necessary, we can assist and work with your organization in the implementation, reorganization or expansion of your security function, assisting with:
  • Establishing any new security or asset protection programs
  • Implementing any necessary changes
  • Developing necessary policies and procedures
  • Identifying necessary products or services you may require
  • Identifying Vendors
  • Developing job descriptions
  • Providing the necessary education and training to your staff
  • Helping to establish key relationships with necessary outside agencies.
Adhering to a structured assessment process allows priorities to be developed. These priorities allow security measures to be implemented over time and as your budget allows. This prevents wasteful spending ensuring continuity in your security program; giving you that return on investment.
Assessments should be performed every couple years or in conjunction with any construction / expansion project, process change or relocation.


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