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Jackson Chambers Security Consulting has extensive experience providing protection for residential communities and a variety of properties. To this extent Jackson Chambers Security Consulting provides services to both residential and commercial properties that see a need to reduce crime and protect their assets from a variety of threats. 

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their own home and community but unfortunately crime exists wherever you live and with 2 million break ins each day who wants to take chances with their security? Regardless of whether you live in a single-family home, town-home or a multi-unit condo/apartment we can provide you and your family with the peace of mind they deserve at an affordable price. 

Jackson Chambers Security Consulting also provides services to Community/Home Owners Associations (HOA’s) and property management companies as well. Whether you’re looking to start a Neighborhood Watch, educate your residents on crime prevention, or gain greater control over your contract security provider we can assist you with developing a clear plan of action while also providing you with the management advice necessary to ensure you get results.

Single family home
Homeowner/community associations
Apartment/condominium complexes

Commercial organizations can suffer a significant amount of liability from negligent safety and security issues and when you factor in the losses that can be suffered because of operational issues, crime, terrorism or other emergencies you can end up with some severe problems along with damaging your brand. When you also consider police lack the knowledge of your specific business and internal processes to be effective in many cases, as well facing jurisdictional issues having a robust security plan and program should become even more clear. Regardless if you’re a corporation that owns its own office building, an organization that leases or rents space in an office building or business park, we can provide you with the solutions to reduce crime and protect your assets. Jackson Chambers serves:

Real Estate Developers
Corporate Offices & Business Parks
Malls, Shopping Centers & Retailers
Motels & Hotels
Small Business
Critical Infrastructure Sites


The same concepts applied to protecting one organization can usually be applied to another. Hiring an outside consultant may be beneficial, preventing tunnel vision, while bringing fresh ideas.

In the past Jackson Chambers Security Consulting has also provided services to public safety and private security agencies but limits its services to Education and Training only. 

Regardless of the type of property when you do business with Jackson Chambers Security Consulting you can be assured you’ll receive unbiased advice and a comprehensive Security Assessment that describes findings and provides recommendations based upon industry requirements, common standards and best practices.

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