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“You can overcome your circumstances or you can let your circumstances overcome you.” – Richie Norton
High Risk Assessments
In today’s global economy organizations may see the need or benefit of relocating or expanding their operations abroad. These types of situations require a special understanding of risks that may exist in certain regions, not typically associated with relocating or expanding within the United States. Some of these concerns could include:
  • Unusually high crime and terrorism concerns
  • Infrastructure concerns (water, transportation, power, living conditions)
  • Health and Hygiene Issue
  • Customs and courtesies of other nations
  • Rule of law

Given Jackson Chambers’ unique experience of working in high risk environments, while conducting assessments to identify and address these issues, he has the experience that many others do not possess. Jackson Chambers will work with your organizations stake holders and others to conduct the necessary research and assessments while identifying any unique situations – so your organization can make informed decisions about it relocation or expansion process. 

When the stakes are high…
Unique situations call for unique solutions and special expertise.
Special Projects

Jackson Chambers recognizes that many organizations already have highly capable Security Directors and departments in place, but security has changed quite dramatically over the years. No longer is it possible for an individual to possess all the skills and expertise that may be required from time to time to meet all the security needs of an organization. Jackson Chambers also recognizes that many organizations and Security Directors already have a vision and goals in place and simply need a second opinion or certain skills and expertise for special projects or a short period of time.


If you have a need or requirement for an individual with a high level of of professionalism, teamwork, and a specific skill set or expertise with a track record of success please give Jackson Chambers a call and lets discuss how his experience and expertise can help you accomplish your organizational goals and objectives.         

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