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“It’s all to do with training: you can do a lot if you’re properly trained” – Queen Elizabeth II
Many organizations believe security always comes at the cost of purchasing pricey equipment or hiring additional security, but this isn’t necessarily the case—providing proper training to the right individuals and departments becomes a force multiplier.

Regardless of your business and industry a well trained staff is instrumental in protecting a business’s assets and minimizing liability; conversely a poorly trained staff will increase liability and compromise organizations assets.

In today’s world it’s more important than ever to have a properly trained staff to deal with emerging threats. Jackson Chambers provides training to organizations that do not have a dedicated security or asset protection staff, as well as those that do, but whose teams require specialized training to enhance or expand their capabilities in order to meet operational or organizational needs.   

Employees are always first responders. What they do in the first minutes of an emergency while waiting for emergency responders can minimize loss and dictate the outcome.   

Jackson Chambers provides customized training according to industry, subject matter and a client’s particular needs. This allows employees at all levels and departments to become engaged in the security process, effectively increasing your security posture. We can provide complete program development according to a needs assessment, or simply instruct on a topic and subject you deem necessary to improve your operations.    

Training Program Development
The first step in developing a training program is to determine your products/services you offer, your target customers and your objectives. Thereafter Jackson Chambers will conduct a needs assessment to analyze the practices and processes used, as well as identifying key departments and personnel while assessing various skill levels. Jackson Chambers will then make recommendations as to the types of topics needed to improve the critical knowledge of personnel within the organization, while developing the presentation and gathering the necessary materials to instruct the course(s).

Instructional Training
Far too often organizations hold Human Resources (HR) or other managers responsible for training employees or simply use computer based methods to train its employees. While this may be seen as cost-beneficial and effective in some cases, it often does not improve knowledge or yield the desired results, it may even have negative implications. Just because one holds a title doesn’t necessarily make them an effective instructor or qualified to teach certain subject matter.
Course Offerings and Clients

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), computer based training methods can serve as a valuable tool. However, the use of computer based training alone is not sufficient to meet most OSHA training requirements and should be supplemented with adequate hands-on training and the opportunity to ask questions.   

Failing to provide training or improper training can lead to penalties and liability.
While many people may be able to present  accurate information with lots of boring facts and statistics, their lack of experience shows in the delivery. Many instructors do not have the experience to bridge the gap between theory and practice that leave the audience with a positive lasting impression. To that end, Jackson Chambers has extensive experience responding to a variety of incidents, in multiple roles and environments, giving him the experience and ability to engage diverse audiences.

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