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Jackson Chambers is a Public Safety and Security Consultant with extensive experience in the development and execution of highly effective public safety and security solutions, including significant international advisory and instructional experience, working across multiple security disciplines and environments which span the public and private sectors in both affluent and conflict nations.

With a distinguished military career serving in the Aircraft Firefighting and Rescue specialty of the United States Marine Corps and the Air National Guard, a long standing career in law enforcement and experience in the private sector for fortune 500 organizations, providing nation building through training and security reform, along with corporate security encompassing all facets of asset, executive and critical infrastructure protection, Jack is uniquely equipped to provide the type of security solutions and training so necessary in today’s corporate environment.

Following his military service in 1998, Jack transitioned his military experience into law enforcement working as a Police Officer for a major metropolitan police department. With a focus on leadership and training, in 2007 he was selected to serve as a Law Enforcement Advisor for the U.S. State Department working for DynCorp International in Afghanistan.

During his tenure in Afghanistan he held responsibility for performing security and logistical assessments of multiple locations throughout various regions of Afghanistan, facilitating the deployment of personnel and assets while providing advice and recommendations to leadership within the Afghanistan National Police, resolving both routine and complex operational issues. While assigned he also assisted in the development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and Emergency Response Plans of various facilities, as well as presiding over a variety of educational and training programs; evaluating and reporting on the performance of Afghan Instructors while mentoring and coaching both entry level and senior members of the Afghanistan National Police.

In 2009, upon his return to the United States he relocated to Las Vegas, NV providing protection on a contract basis for high net worth clients and royalty visiting the Las Vegas area, while also providing all manners of security, asset and critical infrastructure protection (CIP) for Nevada’s number one electrical utility provider working closely with state and local, emergency management and public safety departments throughout the region.

In 2012, Jack began consulting independently where he has worked extensively with private organizations to develop and instruct a variety of educational and training programs to public and private sector entities and individuals around the world, while also speaking to diverse audiences on crime prevention, homeland security, critical infrastructure and terrorism issues.

Coupled with his extensive experience in public safety and corporate security, Jack holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Security Management, graduate certificates in Law Enforcement and Personal Protection and holds membership and certifications with multiple security organizations, while also having an extensive training acumen.

International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC)
Global Society of Homeland and National Security Professionals (GSHNSP)
Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board (ATAB)

CHPP (Certified Homeland Protection Professional) is awarded by the Global Society of Homeland and National Security Professionals (GSHNSP) for those who meet the rigorous qualification and testing standards and possess expertise in Homeland/National Security. 

CPTED Practitioner (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design)
The CPTED Practitioner is awarded by Florida Atlantic University on behalf of Broward County, Florida and recognized nationally and internationally for those completing an in-depth course and proficiency in performing security assessments and with CPTED methodology. It is highly relevant to critical infrastructure protection as well as public and private sector buildings, parks, ATMs, schools and high-security environments and addresses specialization in security system design and planning, crime prevention, blast mitigation, and chemical, biological, and nuclear threat protection.

CAS (Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist) is awarded by the Anti Terrorism Accreditation Board (ATAB) for qualified and experienced experts within the field of terrorism.

CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) is awarded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for those trained to assist emergency services during a disaster response.

LPQ (Loss Prevention Qualified) is awarded by the Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) for those with knowledge in retail loss prevention.   

What others have said about working with Jack over the years:

“Mr. Chambers was a pleasure to work with, in one of the most diverse of law enforcement environments. He possesses a wide range of knowledge in law enforcement and security. Additionally, he is the consummate professional and assists wherever possible in reaching organizational goals and objectives…”
– Keith Schenkel, ABD, CPP

“Jackson is a dedicated law enforcement professional who has proven himself in the field. He has worked in the austere environment of Afghanistan and performed his mission with excellence. He is a credit to his profession…” - Tim Wood, Deputy Sheriff

“…Jackson is a true leader under pressure and has proven himself several times under difficult and dangerous conditions…” – Howard Lee

“…Jackson worked for me in an extremely high stress and physical danger environment for an extended period of time and was never less than professional, trustworthy and willing to do whatever it took to accomplish our given task…” – Gene Hamilton  

“…served in a superior and outstanding manner… instrumental during startup operation… served as District's Mentor to the Afghanistan National Police (ANP) within the Capital Province… proven himself invaluable as the Advisory Command… key to building a professional police force in Kabul Capital Police Command… incredibly thank for his service… Mr. Chambers brings credit to himself, his family, the police profession, the U.S. Military Forces and our nation.” – Raymond P. Bouchard, Colonel, USA, Regional Police Advisory Commander, Kabul Capital

“… instrumental, if not primary, in the implementation of many administrative and operational dynamics… allowed squad to transition from reactive to the proactive…extremely high levels of Esprit de Corps and leadership… outstanding police officer.” – Sgt. Malik A. Jenkins-Bey, Baltimore Police Department

“…He is patient, a true professional and someone to trust when things get hot…He proved to be a true professional and anyone working with Jackson should be happy to have a man of such quality in the team”
– Krisztian Zerkowitz, COO Auriex 

“…proven himself to be an effective leader… putting the welfare of his subordinates before his own…. professionalism is head and shoulders above his peers… proven to be an asset not only to the Crash Fire Rescue field but to the Marine Corps, as well… leadership on and off duty has earned him the respect of his subordinates and peers alike, as well as the confidence of his superiors.” – R.C. Coleman, United States Marine Corps

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