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Did you know that most organizational loss stems from operational issues, regulatory penalties and liability?

Did you know that as a business owner, CEO, or other executive you can be held both, civilly and criminally liable for safety and security issues in your workspace?

Do you know that all organizations are required to have emergency preparedness plans and train employees? 

Do your employees know what to do when confronted with an emergency?

Do you know what you’re going to do during a disaster, when it impacts the services you offer?

Answering the above questions is only part of the equation. Developing and executing those programs necessary to protect you and your assets and minimize your liability is another. Jackson Chambers is here to help you do those things. Give him a call and get started before it’s too late.      
The world is full of threats, plan now so when the proverbial crap starts hitting the fan you’re better prepared. Regardless of the industry in which you operate, failing to identify and properly address safety and security issues in the workplace is an invitation for injuries, crime, violence, and lawsuits—leading to lost profits. A leading Public Safety and Security Consultant, Jackson (Jack) Chambers, helps you identify safety and security issues in your business. Then, through planning and training, provides you with the information and tools necessary to address those issues. 
Jackson Chambers is here to objectively evaluate your security and asset protection program and then develop successful security strategies to minimize your risk and liability. Each organization, location and set of circumstances is different; therefore we take a practical approach to your security, asset protection and emergency preparedness needs, by developing strategies and training programs that are customized and site specific, according to the hazards and threats your organization faces and as identified by a Security Survey and Assessment.
After years of experience, Jackson Chambers now offers his knowledge and insights to public and private sector entities around the world that require improvements to their security posture, operational readiness and response capability. Because Jackson Chambers is an Independent Consultant, clients have peace of mind knowing they will always receive prompt, cost-effective service and an unbiased professional advice, while speaking and dealing directly with Jack.
Located between Baltimore, MD and Washington D.C, Jackson Chambers primarily serves the Mid-Atlantic and South East United States but does extensive work, globally.  
Why organizations choose Jackson Chambers
  • Member of the International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC) bound by the IAPSC Code of Ethics to provide you with unbiased information absent any conflict of interest.  
  • Over 20 years of leadership in Public Safety and Corporate Security working across a broad spectrum of industries including significant international advisory and instructional experience in both advanced and developing nations.
  • Extensive history of success and performance working in high crime and high risk areas.

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